This is an update for the “From Holland to Forsyth County Georgia” from Chyrene Barnes. The accompanying letter was dated July 17, 2003. She wanted me make sure the corrected/updated info was put out there for the Buice researchers. Chyrene states “There always has been one connection that just didn’t sit right with me and I have found it.” “Willem/William Buis born ca. 1742 was originally listed as the son of Pieter Buis. This is incorrect. Willem was the son of Johannes Buys. I really want to correct this misconception.”

Generation I

Our first ancestor Hendrick Beuijs was born 1480 in Holland.

Issue: Cornelis Hendrick .


Cornelis Hendrick Beuijs was born 1515, Holland. He married Appolina Philips.

Issue: William Cornelis


William Cornelis Beuijs was born 1545 in Breille, Holland. He married Eytgen Maertens. William was Mayor of Brielle, Holland. William made history by directing a part of the Dutch fleet under the famous admiral, Maarten Harpertsz Tromp, out of heavy weather near England and saved a number of his ships. He was commander of warships when a war was on, certainly part of the war for Dutch freedom from Spain in 1572. William died 1662, Brielle, Holland.

Issue: Hendrick Willemse


Hendrick Willemse Buijs married Aetgen Cornelis Becelle, 4 January 1604, in the parish of Brielle, county (province) of Zuid-Holland. One can deduce from the marriage date that Hendrick and Aetgen were born about 1570 – 1584. They were members of the Dutch Reform Church. Hendrick was the chief of police/alderman for Brielle from 1625-1630. (I have pictures of the Townhall of Brielle which may have his statue outside the building)

Hendrick did have an official Coat of Arms. (picture taken from the “Book of the Dutch Nobility”.) The name on the Coat of Arms is Hendrick B’uijs. The ‘ stands for an “e”, the name was earlier written Beuijs. In 1629 Hendrick was allowed by the states of Holland to add the color silver in his arms. He chose to color the sky silver. Silver was the color for the lower nobility. Hendrick received this honor because he was the mayor of Brielle (third one of the Beuijs family).
We know they were a family of ship owners, thus the ship on the Coat of Arms. A “buis” is a small sailing boat used mostly for herring fishing in the North Sea. His home was located on a street called Nobelstraat and his house was called “the house with the waning moons”.

Issue: Cornelis Hendricksen


Cornelis Hendrickse Buijs of Brielle, Holland, married 16 September, 1628, Hendrickji Jans Damen. (Damen will come up again, please remember it.)

Issue: Jan Cornelis born August 1629 Brielle, Holland


Jan Cornelis Buijs was born August 1629 in Brielle, Holland. Jan, known as the soldier, was our immigrant ancestor. He arrived in America in 1648 at 19 years of age. He settled in Long Island, New York, was married about 1651 and began a family. He took the Oath of Alliance in 1687. Jan was married three times and had a total of twelve children. We are descended from the first marriage to Eybe Lubbertse. Eybe was born in the parish of Blaricum, county of Nord-Holland, the daughter of Lubbert Gysbertsen and Divertje Cornelis.

Jan Cornelis was also known by alias, Jan Damen. Jan Cornelis Buijs had a extremely wealthy uncle who was without children and an heir. The uncle, Jan Jansen Damen, brother of Hendrickje Damen of generation V, adopted his nephew and our Buijs/Buys ancestor became a wealthy man. Please note Jan Buys/Damen’s children kept their surname Buys as their inheritance would come through their father who was a Buys originally.


1. Jan Cornelis born 3 November 1652 Long Island, New York
2. Hendrick Jans born 15 March 1654 Long Island, New York
3. Lubbert Jans born 2 February 1656 Long Island, New York
4. Hendrickje Jans birth date unknown Long Island, New York
5. Abigail Jans birth date unknown Long Island, New York
6. Divertje Jans birth date unknown Long Island, New York
7. Neeltje Jans birth date unknown Long Island, New York
8. Tryntje Jans birth date unknown Long Island, New York
9. Jan Jans birth date unknown Long Island, New York


Jan Jans Buys was born ca. 1659 Kings Co, New York. He married Elizabeth DeGroot, daughter of Symon DeGroot of Schenectady, in Schenectady Co., New York. After the Indian massacre of 1690 he removed to the Poughkeepsie area and then to Fishkill.

Issue of Jan and Elizabeth Buys were born in the Albany, New York area:

1. Johannes born 1 November 1685
2. Abraham born ca. 1791, married Rachel TerBos
3. Lysbeth born 10 June 1694
4. Rebecca born 28 March 1700, married Ephraim Schut
5. Sara born 4 April 1703, married Isaac Lossing
6. Symoon born 28 March 1705, married Elizabeth Brower
7. Neeltje born 1 June 1708, married Benjamin Bartlett
8. Cornelius born 7 September 1710


Johannes Buys was born 1 November 1685 Albany Co., New York. He married Marytie Brower ca. 1707. She was born 30 December 1685, daughter of Mathew Brouwer and Marytie Wykoff, ca. 1770

Johannes settled on a 160 acre farm about ¼ mile east of the present location of the Oswego Meeting. The old house on this farm still exists and today is owned by Trade Land Investors. The house sits back a considerable distance from the road. He was the overseer of roads and path master for Oswego, Beekman Patent area.

Issue, born Dutchess County, New York:

1. Elizabeth Baptized 1 June 1708
2. Ephraim Bartlett Baptized 31 July 1709 to Jesais and Cornelia Bartlett. The parents died shortly after the birth. He was adoped by Johannes and Marytie Buys.
3. Matheuw Baptized 21 March 1710, married 11 July 1738 Catherine Lossing
4. Maritje Baptized 25 March 1712, married 3 January 1734 Jacob Dolson
5. Rebecca born 2 October 1712, married Gabriel Wright
6. Helena born ca. 1716, married Joseph Hof
7. Johannes Baptized 23 October 1718
8. Catryntje Baptized 12 October 1718, married Thomas Force
9. Samuel Baptized 21 November 1722, married Elizabeth Kip
10. Abraham Baptized 6 November 1725, married Elizabeth Hogg
11. Peter born ca. 1727, married Hannah Hall
12. Sarah Baptized 16 July 1732, married Peter Lossing


Johannes Buys was born 23 October 1718, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York. He married ca. 1740 Eitje Lossing. She was born cs. 1722, daugher of Willem Lossing and Maria Schouten. They were members of the Dutch Reform Church.

Johannes died ca. 1759-64 in dutchess County. Eitje married second Benjamin Philips 12 July 1764 and moved to Tryon, Fulton Co., New York. She died after 1766, Tryon, New York.

Issue to Johannes and Eitje, born Dutchess County, New York

1. Johannes born 5 September 1741, married Maria Van Camp
2. William born ca. 1742
3. Eibje
4. Pieter born 12 March 1746, fought in Rev. War
5. Mathew born 19 July 1748, Loyalist
6. Jeremiah born ca. 1750, fought in Rev. War
7. Simeon born 15 April 1756, fought in Rev. War
8. Abraham born 9 March1759


Willem/William Buis, born ca. 1742, is the ancestor who brought us out of New York. He and his brother Abram/Abraham moved southward and can be found as land owners for a brief time in North Carolina. Their stay there was short and their continuing journey brought them to settle and farm land in Spartanburg Co., South Carolina

William and Abraham both served in the Revolutionary War and it is felt they fought in the battle of Kings Mountain although I have not proven this.
William began to acquire the rich farm land on either side of the Thickety Creek in Spartanburg County. And at one time he held 735 acres. William died 2 September 1800, after appointing his brother Abraham executor of his vast estate. His revolutionary War papers, will, and estate sale papers do not copy well. I have taken the liberty of typing some of these for your easy reading.
Willem married Sarah ?
Issue for Willem and Sarah:
1. Enoch birth date unknown
2. Elisha born 1775 Spartanburg Co., South Carolina
3. Abraham birth date unknown Spartanburg Co., South Carolina
4. David birth date unknown Spartanburg Co., South Carolina
5. John birth date unknown Spartanburg Co., South Carolina
6. Jonathan birth date unknown Spartanburg Co., South Carolina
7. Lijah birth date unknown Spartanburg Co., South Carolina
8. Noah birth date unknown Spartanburg Co., South Carolina
9. Lydia birth date unknown Spartanburg Co., South Carolina


David Buis/Buice was the fourth child of William. Although David did not leave South Carolina, he had issue who settled in our beautiful state of Georgia. These Georgia sons were, Henry who settled in Cobb Co., and William who settle in Forsyth Co.

David Buice married first ? ? (could this be the Cherokee Indian connection I’ve always heard about?)

Issue born in Spartanburg Co., South Carolina:

1. William born 23 April 1804
2. David born 25 August 1810
3. Henry H. born 25 May 1811
4. Elisha birth date unknown
5. Joshua born about 1817
6. Patsy birth date unknown
7. Elizabeth birth date unknown

David married Martha ? and had the following issue all born in Spartanburg Co., South Carolina:

1. John Ross born about 1843
2. Sarah born about 1843
3. Tempy birth date unknown
4. James birth date unknown

William Buice was born 23 April 1804 in Spartanburg Co., South Carolina. He married Mary Ann Mathis. They came to Forsyth County, Georgia. We are all familiar with these two as they are buried under the "Little House" in the Sharon Baptist church Cemetery in Forsyth County, Georgia.

See map of Sharon Cemetery

Special thanks to the collaboration of:
Mr. Jack Buice - Decatur, Georgia
Mr. Everett Donald Buis - Decatur, Illinois
Mr. Raymond Mozley - Sidney, Ohio


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