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Monday, September 17, 2012, 11:10 AM

Hallo,Buice family members overthere.
My name is Frans Pieter Buis.
As far as we know a direct decendant off Cornelius B'uijs, together with Dr
Cornelius Buis I discovered much of our family tree in Brielle, where we
also discovered that there is an American branche.
Dr Buis (cees-as short for Cornelius) passed away a few month ago at the age
of 99 years old-his elder brother has lived up to 101 years off age-so
Holland is a healthy place to live. I am 67 now and I make you a complement
for the way you completed our family tree.
The family coat of arms shows the "buis'=the fisherman boat as you already
In the old harbor town of Enkhuizen I discouvered a stone over the entrance
of an old home at the harbor showing  the same buis in stone as in our old
caot of arms and the marina still has the name "Buijs Haven"(=harbor or
heaven) So our family is immortalized in stone and in a ports name.

Our first forefathers were ship builders and as tradition in Holland of
those days,one chose a name that had some link to ONES PROFFESSION OR the
place were one was born(John of Amsterdam0 William backer or Oxsen for thed
backer or the we became Cornelius Buis. My aunt stil has the
name Cornelia-or Corry for short names were given through in the family
tree. My second name Peter is after my father Pete, his father was called
Frans as my oncle , so this tradition still lives over here, but dies out
unfortunately, I have no kids, and the old oncle Cees gave his kids
different names

As you will understand it is a bit to much to expect my presence at your
reunion, but I want you to know that I carry my American family in my hart
and wish you all a very nice and successful Jamboree.

Frans Buis the Hague Holland

By the way did one off you ever realize that two Dutch names were the basis
of the name Yankee ?

John zstands for Jan(as you already know and Cees or Kees is short for
Cornelius; that makes Jan + Kees=Yankees, So be proud that the shorn name of
one of your forefathers lives on in the nickname of an(0ther)glorious
Best regards ! Frans



Dear family,

It is a pleasure that I have found the picture of the facade Stone ( approx 70 x 40 inches)   in the old captains home in the old  port of Enkhuijsen.


More Family History

Following the request of "Jas Buis" in his?her last mail I am glad to
have found a brochure for visitors of Brielle and enclosed it in this mail
The cover shows the old cathedral in which 3 of our for fathers are buried
under impressing gravestones;each shows inscriptions of the name and
function of the distinguished deceased,f.i. "Willem Cornelius B'uijs (1545)-
burgomaster of this town and his "house wife" Fijtgen Maartens daughter.
The stones also carried the coat of arms with the buis with the fishermen at
work on deck as we meanwhile know it also  culptured in relief and a helmed
on wings. The city map shows clearly the old town defens along the ramparts.
At the bottom left is in yellow the Nobelstreet shown, where the noble
people had their homes, most of them now have shops at ground floor as you
can see at the picture below the English flag.Somewhere I must have a
photograph of the building where burgomaster Willem Cornelis lived with his
Feitghen(this surname is nowadays fully unknown in Holland). On the right
you see the original Town hall, build by one of our forefathers. We can be
proud on the fact that the Buis family brought forth 3 burgomasters of
Brielle is now adays a quit,sleepy old town with a modern marina.The old and
important harbor silted up in the 18th century and her role as seaport was
taken over by Rotterdam.

I am sorry that I cannot send you a picture of the house in Enkuizen,because
that city is over a hundred miles from where I live,and besides no Buis
family member ever lived there.Inquaries on site learned that the house ws
rebuild and the stone was found somewhere else in the ruins of an old house
near the Buijs harbour  and added to this building later.

Now Quit something else!

The name Buisis not an original Dutch name although is has now several
meanings as : a kind of fisherboat(as you already know,but it also is the
name of a warm (fishermans) waistcoat in modern Dutch it is as well the word
for a Tube or pipe.

The name Buis comes from the name of a historic Knight called BUSO in the
7th century who fought for the king of the Franken(the later French) as a
reward he and his family received some grounds in the north of what now
France is and Belgium.and last but not least also in the south of the
Netherlands, near the Belgium border.
On these grounds small settlements aroused,that in the ages developed to
villages and later in the 17th and 18th century grew into small towns that
still exist and have names that still refer to the noble knight Buso.
I mention in The south of th Netherlands Beusingem-earlier Buijseghem in
whith you may recognize Buijs-his-home
Home in German is Heim(=ghem=home) homeland in German in Heimat.In Belgium
lies Buisinghem and in France is the small sresort Boeseghem.
Intresting is that tose 3 towns lay in one east-west line along the
French/Belgian border is if ment to form a defence line in the north of
France(against the Dutch maybe ?
Holland was a self supporting part of what they called the low lands or the
Netherlands and was very powerfull and patriotic.

To end with the fact that we discovered that good old Willem Cornelis could
not be the first Buijs,because he has a second name cornelis,and that name
most have been referring to a father called Cornelis !!!
We found the guy: and his name was Cornelis Hendricx born in 1510 and
married with an Apolonia Philipsdaughter, thei had three children Hendrick
Philip and Willem Cornelis. And as we know these names must also have
belonged to forefathers . so we had to find a mister Philips(not the one of
the big Dutch Electonica factory)but a shipbuilder in Den Brielor/and a
willem as well,
Dear family members we have discouvered that Cornelis Hendricx had a brother
called William Hendricx

The mother of the two brothers was named Cornelia Hendricx born from a
mother named Heinekin (means Free translated:  young Child(Kid =Kin) of
And finally her father was Hendricx Beuijs born in 1480 in Brielle as  son
of Cornelis the Younger.(born in 1450 in Brielle
And that bring us to the educated subposition thet there also must have been
a Cornelius senior
And if so he must have been born in Brielle in about 1450.
We did not succed in finding more about that father(We called him "the
unknown soldier'
And that brings us back to Th mysterious John the Soldier.

Well I guess you guys have a lot to tell on the 22th of September since now
you know that our roots lay a century further away in history as you
Sincemy grand oncle Cornelius Buis passed away I have lost my comrade in our
quest. And so far this is the end of story.ENJOY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note :since I have been through much old handwritings and notes excuse some
eventual inaccuratenessIt kept my busy on a rainy day with pleasure in the
knowledge that it will be appreciated by many BUIS?BICE? BUIJS? AND BEUIJSES
,ect..... over seas

Frans Pieter Buis son of pieter Buis (1903=19850,grandson of Frans
Buis(1870-1932) grand,grand, grandsons of... see above





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