Picture supplied by Nancy Buice


6th ROW (Next to Building): Silvester, Desiemae and Mary Lowe, Jasper and Gabe Thompson, Noa, Inez and Ester Buice

5th ROW: Ola Buice, Clara Thompson, Ruby Brooks, Jewel Thompson

4th ROW: Clinton, Elene and Mae Thompson, Cleo, Arlemae, Eveline and Olan Buice, Raleigh, Lynn and Lara Thompson, Jim Thompson, Willis Brooks

3rd ROW: Tom, Buck, Lethie and Harvey Brooks, Odith Buice, Carl Brooks, Collier Lowe, Cladis Buice, Donna Densmore, Zorie Brooks, Ira Thompson

2nd ROW: Willis and Selena Thompson, Dockey and Dora Buice, Grady, Emmet and Ruby Thompson, Rob, Ozell and Nevie Densmore

1st ROW: Lucine Lowe, J.B. Lowe, Adness Buice, Nevie Brooks, Avice Buice, Charles C. Brooks, Flossie Brooks, Irene Thompson, Gertis Buice