Howard Sidney Born May 10, 1892 Died February 18, 1945
Venie Ester Hosch Buice Born June 4, 1894 Died July 26, 1969

Her parents were William Jasper Wiley Hosch and Susan Manerva Jane Bailey
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Dessa Marie 7-25-1914
Melford Graham 8-26-1915
Lilly Mae 6-26-1917
Minnie Frances 12-6-1918
Peggy Ann 8-12-1920
Maron Sidney 7-31-1926

1929 Sid Buice on left, his son Maron Buice age 3, and brother Paul Buice

Sid Buice would travel around the North Georgia area selling musical Instruments,
Record Players, Battery Radios, etc. One of his ways of selling radios was to just stop by a home
and leave them a radio to try out for free. By the time Sid Buice would return
the next week he would find not only the first home owner wanting to buy a radio but, other
neighbors who came over to hear it also wanted one. His son Maron was also very successful
selling furniture and appliances for many years before retiring to the Blue Ridge mountains.