Pictures supplied by Janice (Johnston) Martin

Janice thinks the boys are Heard Everett Buice, Herschel Odem Buice, and Felton Early Buice. On the back of the picture all that is written is "ages 10, 12, 14"

Janice's husband is the grandson of Felton Early Buice who married Bonnie Nell Ireland. Bonnie is 95 years old and will be 96 in January 2001. Bonnie says this is her father, but Janice thinks it looks like Perry Buice. Janice said she had never seen a picture of Perry Buice with glasses however, so she wasn't sure.

If you think you can identify anyone in these photos, please contact Janice. Thanks!

Message from Janice:
I have a few questions about some of the Buice's that married the Ireland's. When I was at the Buice reunion, someone gave me a copy of the Buice's history, in it I noticed there was a Elisha Buice (son of David Buice and Unknown) m. Elizabeth Irland, and Elizabeth Missouri Buice (daughter of David Buice and Unknown) b. 1819 m. William Irland.

My husband's grandmother is Bonnie Nell Ireland, her great grandfather was William Ireland who married Missouri Buice. William was born around 1819. I have looked at the 1850 census in Cobb County, Georgia, and it list William Irland b. in VA, and Elizabeth M. born in SC. The 1860 census has william Ireland and M.J. in the Buice book, it doesen't have ant thing else for these two families. Just wanted to know if anyone has found anything else about these two Buice's who married the Ireland's? (Janice ((Johnston)) Martin)